Ken Sangha

About Ken Sangha

One person stands out from the throng in the professional age of the slash generation. Ken Sangha is the name of the individual. He is also an entrepreneur, investor, and operations expert.

Ken Sangha is likewise laser-focused in a way that creates results. One amazing example is how Sangha took a gaming operation software and transformed it into the number one app on the iTunes market in the United Kingdom. Customer revenue increase has been 10x scaled. This astonishing rise reflects Sangha's unrivaled push in innovative trending technologies.

Ken Sangha, an intellectually bright leader, has a demonstrated track record of brilliance and accomplishment in everything he sets his mind to – particularly in his years of advising several notable firms. Ken Sangha was asked to appear as a guest technology speaker at an event co-hosted by Yahoo and Flurry in 2017. That single interview generated a chain reaction of individuals eager to learn more about Sangha's thoughts.